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Certified Reiki Master (People & Animals), Angelic Healer, Certified Personal Trainer - ACE (TM), Death Doula - trained with INELDA (TM) & Shamanic Journeying

Donna is the owner and founder of Lotus and Lily Centerand started working inside Color My Spirit Wellness in July 2022. Inspired by Reiki sessions, shaman journeys, Spiritual Guides/Masters and holistic/health trainings, she knew there was a need for a combination of spirit, mind, body healings. She felt the calling and then certified with ACE (tm) Personal Trainer, became a  Reiki Master and trained with INELDA(tm) as a Death Doula.  

Donna believes that it is important to support the Body, Mind & Spirit - and she is passionate about providing sessions that support and strengthen those aspects of each of the clients she works with. From individual sessions to customizable sessions, here is how Donna loves showing up for the clients she works with:


I inquired about what Reiki was and when it was explained as Universal Energy healing, I was intrigued. It sounded quite mystical - how someone could heal with their hands without touch. After my first session, I felt like I had the most amazing day at 

the spa. Years later, I am now a Reiki Master (for people & animals). I offer this energy clearing for chakras along with other healing modalities - such as sound / color therapy, crystals, essential oils and angelic healings. The results that clients receive from their sessions depend on their life circumstances and intentions set before each session. The consensus is that anxiety releases, their outlook feels positive, and they are left with this peace and calm throughout their entire being, supporting the mind-body-spirit.  


Through INELDA(TM), I have Death Doula training and now volunteer with Hospice patients through Transitions Lifecare. As an EOL Doula, I can assist patients with: grief, provide comfort, be an active listener, create legacy projects, perform imagery guidance, organize tasks for caregivers, and prepare patient's final requests for the vigil. Doula services are in touch with traditions, compassion, and healing techniques for both patients and families. If you are interested in these services please reach out.  


Focusing on our miraculous body now - let's applaud it for all of the millions of things it does for us! It needs TLC and love, pretty consistently to remain in balance. I am an ACE(TM) Certified Personal Trainer who loves sharing knowledge regarding the body’s needs for functional training and how we can support it with self-care. When we listen to what it needs, it gives 100% back, including more carefree and fun-filled moments with our loved ones.

I look forward to assistancing the local and worldwide community whether it be through fitness, energy work, doula insights or a combination of the modalities that I offer. May you and your loved ones be blessed with health and love.

                                                                                                                                     Services Offered

                                                                                                                  Reiki Healing                                  Reiki for Animals
                                                                                                                  Personal Training                         Functional Training
                                                                                                                  Death Doula Services                Life Transition Support
                                                                                                                  Angelic Healing                             Shamanic Journeying

Contact Donna: If you would like to connect to learn more about the work I do, feel free to set-up a complimentary consultation or if you are ready to get started you can schedule an appointment. You may also contact me via email at: donnavs@lotusandlilycenter.com or give me a call at: (919)444-2251.

To find out more about Donna's background and the wonderful work she does, check out more on her website.   

Donna V. Smith - RMT, CPT