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Contact Tish: If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work Tish provides to her clients, feel free to contact her at her email:  AlignedLegacy@gmail.com.

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Certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Reader and Coach

Latisha, who likes to go by Tish, is the Owner of Aligned Legacy, LLC and Co-Owner of The Spiritual Hub, LLC. In 2022, she joined the Color My Spirit Wellness team, and is excited to see clients in-person and remotely.

While on her own spiritual awakening journey, Tish learned that healing others was a big part of her path. During her sessions, she uses her innate intuition along with guidance from Spirituals Guides, Ancestors and Angels to support her clients. The services that many of Tish's clients seek her out for are her Self-Healing Focused Readings and her Angelic Reiki sessions. She also loves creating products to help support the clients she sees.

Tish's Angelic Reiki sessions are popular since they promote healing of the root cause of any issue, whether it be emotional, mental or physical. Her clients often experience a strong spiritual connection and immense love from the Higher Realms during and after these sessions.

Latisha Dumas