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Contact Melina: If you would like to schedule a session with Melina or learn more about her galactic knowledge and starseed mentorship program, as well as her work with those on the autism spectrum check out her Website. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Melina Mortensen  

Pleiadian Star Mother Teacher, Starseed Activator, Starseed Mentor, 

Galactic Educator & Coach 

Melina is a Teacher of all things Galactic and Starseed (beings from other planetary systems, star systems, galaxies and densities/dimensions) as well as a messenger of information concerning the Earth Reality and the Human Species.

Melina received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Education) with a focus on math and science from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas in 1993. She knew right away her education was projecting forward to a time in her life (though she wasn’t aware of it yet) when she would be teaching adults, autistic children (Pleiadian Starseed Mechanisms of a unique nature) and their families rather than human children. The die was cast and decades later she has landed on her curriculum of galactic topics and starseed purposes as well as starseed children’s modalities of learning.

Fast forward to 2020…After decades of being “asleep” as a human under the “veil” of forgetfulness (which is a requirement for incarnation upon this planet), she awoke to the enormous revelation that she was actually a co-creator of planet Earth, the matrix of this reality and the physical “suit” (the human body) that provides souls the vehicle for the “Earth Experience”. Wow! This was almost more than she could handle learning about herself. However, she believed it was exactly because of who she was at a soul level that 

she was able to integrate the information and rise to the calling of her soul’s blueprint.

She has an enormous personal investment in planet Earth and its inhabitants, as well as direct involvement in the ascension of humanity and Gaia (Earth) to a higher dimension (the 5th dimension). The Earth ascension is a collaborative effort by the Galactic Community however, her role is unique in that she is a Pleiadian Star Mother.

A Pleiadian Star Mother is one of a select group of planetary creators, genetic engineers and reality (Matrix) creators, who work(ed) directly with Source energy over millennia to create the Earth, design a Matrix (quantum field) and perfect the physical body with the capacity to hold a wide range of emotions unique to Earth humans and the Earthly Experience.

While collaborating with her Pleiadian Star Family, she was able to retain Prime Creator’s vision of a planetary existence of biodiversity of flora and fauna as well as a Be-ing (the homo sapien). Her ability and willingness to preserve The Source’s vision for this unique reality we call Earth, offered her the opportunity to co-create a Be-ing in which to experience emotions on the widest spectrum our multi-Universe had ever seen. This spectrum of emotions had not yet been experienced anywhere else in the multi-Universe thus far. The human body was eventually perfected to harness the ability to experience emotions ranging from agony to ecstasy and any other emotions along this spectrum. It was a long road and took five iterations, but the vision was eventually realized. This “prototype” vehicle (the human body) was then genetically modified with other cosmic race DNA for the purpose of individual star/planetary race representation upon the planet-thus the different races around the world. Humanity is a conglomeration of over twenty-two different galactic races all represented on one planet. There truly is no other planet like Earth! The entire universe as well as other universes are witnessing within this timeline as the entire planet reaches its precipice towards ascension.

Behind her motivations to co-create was also the desire to “mother”. Her collaboration with The Source allowed her the opportunity to become just that. To her surprise, millions of years later, Earth has become more than she ever imagined! Souls now line up to become a part of this reality-to experience this unique planet. Her “children’s” opportunity to awaken to their true nature as a fractal of the divine is at the forefront of her intentions during this incarnation. Melina seeks to assist humanity in awakening to the fact they are also powerful cosmic co-creators! Moving forward, humanity can open themselves to the truth that they hold the key to creating the world they want to live in. A world of love, acceptance and inclusion for all!

Her personal pursuit to assist humanity and Gaia in reaching the pinnacle of ascension, brought her to the necessity of incarnating once again. She is here during this current lifetime (as Melina) to assist both the planet as well as humanity and therefore created PleiadianStarMother.com.

This platform is a manifestation and offering built around unique one-on-one starseed sessions-providing wisdom, divine guidance and energetic healing to those who feel they may be a starseed and are on the planet for a higher purpose. PleiadianStarMother.com (Melina) will assist in exploring potentials for expressing your respective purpose opportunities by facilitating in an energetic exchange and thus empowering you to reach outside the box of reality you have been immersed in thus far.

It is with all the Love that Melina’s intentions are set to assist her “children”. She steps forward at this time to offer her Pleiadian Star Mother wisdom and insights to all who are seeking higher guidance and energetic shifts as well as activations.

United as a species, humanity can reach the gateway of galactic participation and allow themselves their rightful place among the Galactic Confederation of Worlds. The time is now!​

Publications: Author of Dreamland: The Story of An Earth Angel and Dreamland: I Am Merope now available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.