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Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Coach, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming  & Intuitive

Tricia Becker - RMT, NLP

Introducing Tricia Becker and The Journey Into Alchemy - Tricia’s advanced skills as a Reiki Master Teacher, moving the life force energy we all have, and processes rooted in acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, and NLP, will guide the client to complete coherence with the mind, body and spirit. The intuitive guidance Tricia receives during the sessions is unique and specific to each individual's needs.

Stop being stuck and experiencing failure no matter what you try!  When you choose to work with me and take a journey into Alchemy, your life will change forever!  The recode and other processes create shifts out of old trauma and emotions, so you can finally live a life you love!

The Art of Alchemy is the signature course and foundation which the core principles of The Journey Into Alchemy are explained.  These principles include your focus creates your reality, dysfunctional pattern deconstruction, how to live in a creative orientation, structure, accessing all levels of consciousness and so much more.  

The revolutionary process called the Superconscious recode is explained.  This is a process that removes resistance to taking action to bring what is true for you into reality.  The online course includes group coaching calls twice weekly. The group coaching offers clients a chance to work directly with me as well.

One-on-one coaching is available to those seeking to fast track their path to 

success, achieving freedom from stress and feel the joy of taking aligned action to experience the happiness life offers.

Announcing in-person Cellular Recode Experience!  This recode is a process that will change your life forever!  The Cellular Recode session will give the client a shift in perspective out of pain and stress and worry, into a joyful relaxed space to live a life they love!  You will leave feeling refreshed and revived, with some powerful tools to implement at home and on your own.

An audio course that explains the core principles and processes is also for immediate download.

                                                                                                                                               Services Offered

                                                                                          Conscious Creation Course                                  The Art of Alchemy
                                                                                          Journey Into Alchemy                                               Wellness Coaching
                                                                                          The Cellular Recode                                                  Intuitive Healing
                                                                                          Online Classes                                                              Reiki Sessions
Contact Tricia: If you would like to connect to learn more about the work I do or schedule a quick chat to learn more about Alchemy, please click SCHEDULE.

Join Tricia's Journey Into Alchemy Facebook Group and learn more about the wonderful work she does on her website - TriciaBecker. You can also follow her on Facebook or Instagram