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Retreat Announcement - Bobby Apeiron, MD is working with a group of 4 other Holistic Health Experts to bring to the community - Evolve Your Health and Wellness Journey Retreat. A transformational, relaxing and recharging one-day experience at Serenity Farms in Durham, NC on November 5th, where you will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to improve your well-being. Experience a variety of holistic health modalities during a short period of time to accelerate the process of reaching your health goals:
Breathwork, Yoga, Coaching, Reiki, Nutrition, Meditation, Sound healing. Are you ready to jump-start and recharge your health & wellness journey? If so, sign up & learn more at EVOLVE...

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When Color My Spirit expanded to a Wellness Center, Google removed all the previous reviews!! So we decided to create a fun giveaway...if you have enjoyed your experience with Sarah Granahan or any of the Wonderful Practitioners who call Color My Spirit Wellness home, pleaseleave us a review!! For a limited time, when you do, we will send you a FREE Gem 💎 Orb Homemade Bath Bomb to support your energy fields & selfcare.
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