​​​I have been helping people for over 14 years learn how to listen to the messages their bodies are sending them so they can discover deeper healing.

Recently, a client told me, "I feel lighter and more at peace - I can handle my busy weeks now with ease." 

Maybe your message is emotional pain, or maybe your body talks to you through anxiety, weight gain or sleep disturbances. Or you may just want some more clarity and insights on your life's path. I have helped many people so they can ​learn how to love the life they live again.   

What message is your body sending you? 

Maybe it needs more self-care or 

deeper healing...

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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are taking clients for in-person sessions using precautions & social distancing measures. We will continue to support people via remote & distance work. Reach out to book a session to help clear the stress, anxiety, fear and congested energy experienced during all the global changes we have been experiencing. Restore and feel like YOURSELF again! 

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Healing Touch

A gentle and heart-centered energy healing modality to help restore and balance the body.  



Discover the benefits of integrative health coaching and energy healing. Our array of featured services are guaranteed to help you feel more like yourself again.

NEW LOCATION & SESSIONS: Announcing the opening of our new healing center - Color My Spirit Wellness. If you are a practitioner, we are accepting new monthly/hourly renters - make sure to inquire below. With the new space, we are also launching: Chakra & Aura Readings, Protection Sessions, Work & Home Readings and so much more! Call us at (919) 803-8085 to set up your session today!

Discover The Golden Movement - a heart-centered technique for self-care and for sharing positive energy with others. Use this movement to restore and refresh your energy fields. Great for sensitive and empathic people! Watch the video now as Sarah Granahan takes you through the steps and try it for yourself! 

Hi, I'm Sarah Granahan, RMT, HTP-A

Integrative Health Coaching

Discover how making lasting  health behavior changes can improve your well-being.


Increase your supply of life energy to help cope with daily stress and other ailments.

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