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Tune in to Sarah Granahan's interview on Empath Survival Tips with Chris McDonald, LCMHCS on - The Holistic Counseling Podcast!! Listen in as we:
✨Explore what it's like to be an Emapth - it's a gift, I promise!
✨Discover some tips on how to manage your empathic ability to live in a world full of heightened emotions and global changes.

✨Learn some self-care techniques to support a sensitive person or empath. And even if you aren't sensitive, these tips will benefit anyone!! Click PODCASTto tune in...and enjoy!

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NEW SESSIONS - Looking for some good self-care to level you out from all the busyness in the world 🌎 lately!? Want to be teleported to the beach or how about the mountains?! Then you MUST experience the ✨💜Amethyst Biomat💜✨!! Healing frequencies from heated amethyst crystals with the same infrared technology you get while in a sauna. Deeply relax as you lay your head on a black tourmaline & amethyst crystal pillow. Listen to music and experience vibrations from sound healing to bring balance. Self-care goodness to destress, increase your metabolism, circulation, relieve any lingering body pains, detox and support your health on many levels. This session will take you on vacation - it actually creates the same benefits!! Book a session on the Services link today or contact your CMS practitioner.