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  • Ever wonder how well your body is processing certain foods?
  • Did you know that food intolerances can start WELL before you notice that your body doesn’t prefer a certain food, spice or beverage?
  • Inflammation doesn’t wait around for you to feel dis-ease or sickness in the could be lurking right now!
  • Did you know you can have intolerances to metals too?
  • The body changes on a cellular basis every few years, but intolerances can develop and change in some people in as little as 6 months of time.
  • I have personal experience with this - living through a time of feeling physically sick many years ago with no diagnosis in sight. I had a food intolerance and wish a wellness test like this one were available back then...
  • Experience this awesome kit for yourself and receive a unique printout of your food and non-food intolerances.

Give yourself the gift of healthy living - a great way to kick off the New Year!! And receive information invaluable for your mind, body & soul

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