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Book your in-person Healing Touch session in Raleigh/Durham, NC! The Sagewood Center is a wonderful healing center and happy to have us working out of their space. Click the word SAGEWOOD to learn more about this amazing center and click HT SESSIONS to book your appointment today!  


What is Healing Touch?

Sarah Granahan is now an apprentice of Healing Touch and excited to be sharing her intuitive and empath gifts through this energy-based therapy. 

A heart-centered practice using the energy or biofield to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. The goal is to restore balance in the energy system by placing the client in the driver seat. 

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​Look out for novel Koko's Gift and the first episode of inspirational comic Chakrula available in-print and online for download. read more 


Color My Spirit offers hand-glittered and energizing art prints along with notecards all perfect for displaying or sharing with friends.  read more

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Conscious Evolution Media (CEM Network) is a Internet-TV, Cable-TV and Public Television outlet based out of Denver, CO that is Shifting Global Consciousness - how awesome is that?

Sarah Granahan has been invited by Coach Steve Toth for an interview Friday, August 14th. 

Tune in to learn some more about energy healing, being an empath, Koko's Gift, Chakrula and other topics Coach Steve will explore. 

Live Interview - Watch Conscious Evolution Media (CEM Network) in August! 

Essential Oils by Young Living 

Color My Spirit is happy to announce that we have added Young Living to our product line! This high-quality, essential oil company is well-known, safe-to-use and doing such wonderful things around the world. Find out how their products can help you be and stay well. To view their full line of product information click the YL logo next to this post. To start purchasing their products, you may click HERE and make sure to say we sent you by adding sponsor ID & enroller ID - 2390121 at check-out. Look for more essential oil information on our site soon. And don't forget to ask how you can incorporate essential oils into your next distance or in-person Healing Touch Session!   

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Energy Healing

Sarah Granahan is an apprentice of the Healing Touch Program (HTP-A) - an energy-based therapy that works on restoring the emotional, mental and spiritual fields in a heart-centered way. read more

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Sarah Granahan, creator and founder of Color My Spirit. She brings with her many years of personal experience and research. Not to mention a few specialized gifts too... learn more

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Since we opened our doors in 2012, Color My Spirit has been helping people fulfill their potential. We do this through sharing inspirational stories and offering people a space to come and get in touch with their true spirit. So get ready to get in touch with your inner teacher and walk your own path toward personal wellness and healing.

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The 7 Major Chakras and Your Well-Being


The chakras or energy centers run up and down your body and help you feel balanced and healthy. They operate in various areas as the chart to the right shows. And they can affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

As we go through life each day, these energy centers often become muddled or compromised. They get blocked and begin to wear down. Why does this happen? Well, it's expected. As we play out our daily lives, we may lose a job, get involved in troubling relationships, have issues with our egos, constantly judge ourselves and others, and the list can go on and on. We are all human and experience certain challenges at times - that's life! So when difficult issues play out day after day or we have trouble coping with the challenges we encounter, our chakras can feel those challenges too. And they may not function as well as they used to. We may begin feeling pains or numbness around the affected areas. We can feel off, experience bodily functions slowing down or even ceasing in those areas. Simply, begin to feel just plain stuck – and that’s yuck!

Aside from going to see your doctor or healthcare provider to learn more about what is going on, many people are also seeking alternative healing modalities. Healing Touch is one healing modality that can help us discover more on what is causing our energy centers to shut down. A session can work on clearing stuck energy in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. And many find that exploring complimentary modalities like Healing Touch, while following health regimes prescribed by their health practitioners, can often help them return to their natural state of well-being. Now that’s amazing! 

Visit our Services page to learn more about the alternative healing modalities that Color My Spirit has to offer. Remember, take good care of your chakras, like your body, they are the only ones you got!

Radio Interview - Listen to Sarah Granahan on Color Healing Radio 

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