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Sharyn Hopp

Quantum Success Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Oracle Card Reader

Sharyn Hopp is a certified Quantum Success coach.  Her additional certification in Neuro Linguistics programing is extremely helpful to her work of aiding her coaching clients in focusing on positive self-talk and expression.  This in turn accelerates clients toward manifesting what they want to show up in their lives.   

Sharyn’s education also includes a master’s degree in social work and an Undergraduate Degree in Human Ecology.  Her expertise is in guiding her clients to focus on the positive aspects in their lives, see their potential growth and set a path of manageable steps in order to achieve the goals they wish to reach.    

Sharyn continues to increase her knowledge and skills, as she recognizes that self-growth is important.   She has become a Reiki Master Practitioner who can direct Reiki energy from long distance as well as in person.  She finds Reiki especially helpful in working with clients who wish to reprogram their limiting and negative belief patterns and change them to positive ones. 

Sharyn’s specialty is in empowering women to create the lives they want to live.  Her philosophy is, that in order to achieve what you want in life, you must first believe that you 

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Contact Sharyn: Reach out to Sharyn at her email: wings4transformation@gmail.com or text her at (864) 205-0825. Join her meetup group Wings4Transformation to find out more about upcoming events, both in person and on zoom. 

are worth investing in yourself.   

Her successful coaching clients are willing to invest the time in themselves and take the steps to do the work necessary to achieve their goals.  They understand that having a coaching session for an hour is not going to change things in their lives, unless they are willing to take the insights and discoveries they learn and put them into practice.   

Sharyn’s coaching clients have a long-term relationship with her as they find that it helps them to keep on track in navigating the path they wish to take, and finding ways to work through any roadblocks they meet along the way.  This relationship helps them to stay motivated, as they have someone they check in with regularly, to ensure they are moving in a forward direction. 

“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality” Malala Yousafzai 
Sharyn is offering a complimentary introductory session to discuss what your needs are and see if the two of you are a fit to work together.