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Join Ann Drake and others for✨🌈Reiki Share 🌈✨ from

6:30pm - 8:30pm @Color My Spirit Wellness. Hold space to practice Reiki and share in the energy. New to Reiki? This is a great meetup to practice your skills and learn from other practitioners. No Reiki training? No problem! Come on out and learn more about this wonderful energy modality and receive a shortened session to experience it for yourself.

Reiki energy is good to rebalance your energy and clear out any stuck energy or blockages you are ready to release for your Highest Good. You are in complete control of your session - experience the clarity and peacefulness you will experience from one of these sessions.

Reiki Share @CMS Wellness meets monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month. 

Let us know that you can make it by sending an email to Ann Drake at: bluhand3@gmail.com or signing up to reserve your spot on Meetup


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Explore the benefits of integrative health and wellness modalities including energy healing services to support your whole being. Our array of featured practitioners and services are guaranteed to help you fall in love with yourself all over again. Reconnect to your true call and see what life is like as you add some more color to it...

The Color My Spirit Experience...

Discover how using the maps of ✨Astrology & Human Design ✨ can enlighten you and help guide you toward your purpose, your gifts, strengths and how to use them to bring healing to various relationship scenarios… In Episode 9 of the Color My Spirit Podcast, watch as:

🌟Jeannie discusses which Astrology Chart is a MUST each year to gift yourself around birthday 🥳 time.

🌟 Learn about the benefits of Human Design and how Jeannie is using it to heal relationships and bring understanding in the personal, professional and other realms....

Watch Episode 9 NOW - Heal Relationships with Astrology & Human Design with Jeannie Winters & Sarah Granahan

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