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Samantha Heston 

Life Coaching, Akashic Record Sessions, Card Readings, Hair Artist, Fairy Hair, Holy Fire® Reiki, Reiki for Animals & Art Healing

Hello, I’m Sammi Heston and I am the owner of Painted Turtle: Create Your Own Healing. Just a little fairy doing her best in life, while healing as many people as possible.  I can support you to help change your thoughts, your life, and your world. 

I provide Life Coaching, Reiki Healing, Art therapy, Akashic Record Sessions, Card Readings, and Fairy Hair.  I love how much life has to offer, from my family, to skydiving, to Reiki Healing -  I love exploring it all. 

Life is an adventure, let me help guide you through it!

Menu of Services


All coaching, hair and energy sessions are offered virtually or in-person. In-Person services are offered at Color My Spirit Wellness in Raleigh, NC.

Life Coaching Session

Fairy Hair

Akashic Record Sessions

Holy Fire® Reiki Healing

Art Therapy

Card Readings

To Book a Session or Appointment with Sammi, contact her at: 919-576-5021 or you can send her an email: paintedturtle222@yahoo.com

You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or meet her in-person at Color My Spirit Wellness.