The practitioners at Color My Spirit Wellness have one thing in common - they are heart-centered people with a passion to share their gifts and training to support YOU!!

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After dislocating and breaking my leg and my ankle in 3 places, I was having a tough time in the hospital stomaching all the pain medications; not to mention my husband was home taking care of the kids and I was all alone. Sarah came up to see me without a second thought and not only calmed my mind, but she made everything else seem better too. I drifted off to sleep during the session, only to awaken as she tiptoed out of the hospital room. I'm not even sure I had time to thank her for lifting my spirits. My surgery was a success and I am currently on the road to recovery.  - C. R. (Tinley Park, IL)

 I've been nervous, angry and sad for some time now. It was causing me many sleepless nights and I was losing weight because I either had no appetite or food made my stomach uneasy. During the Healing Touch session, for the first time in months, the things I was telling myself were positive! It helped me over that hump I refused to pass through on my own. I am so grateful to Sarah, the HT session definitely changed me for the better and allowed me to just breath, to relax and refocus a lot of my negative energy into positive thoughts. I sleep better and have a far better outlook on the future.  - M.J. (Chicago, IL)

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Hendree M.
80d ago

An outstanding professional. Sarah is knowledgeable, truly listens, explains what she is doing and why. Her results are amazing! Her integrity, expertise and personable manner combine both the art and science of reiki. I will be a customer for years.

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Our Staff

Sarah Granahan - HTP-A & RMT


Sarah is Founder of Color My Spirit and helps people explore the messages their bodies are sending them so they can find relief. She treats people with sleep disturbances, anxiety, pain, grief, wound healing, fatigue, or side-effects from medication and chemotherapy along with offering sessions for people who want to clear old energy to support their general well-being. Her sessions support the energy fields and help to rebalance the chakras leaving you feeling renewed and restored. Sarah can also help people pinpoint what is going on in their bodies if they are not in touch with their feelings or the symptoms they are experiencing.  Sarah is an Integrative Health Coach, trained at Duke IM, so she can work with you to develop a plan to help support you and encourage healthy behavior changes.