I’m Marci. I provide holistic spiritual and intuitive mind body spirit healing for the souls of the living, the dying, and the deceased. I’m a 3rd generation healer who had to learn how to heal myself first before I could be of real service to others.

My work with souls that want to heal and thrive: Just like you, I suffered in silence.  I would just move on to something else when I didn’t want to feel the emotions of pain, abandonment, unhappiness, rejection, grief, etc.  (I think you get the picture.)

When I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease in 2014, I started seeing so many specialists that just prescribed medicine that didn’t really help and sent me on my way. I had had enough of getting the run-around. I realized that I had to take control of ME.

I added a holistic spiritual approach to my plan of care. That's when I finally got to the root of my health issues and began to heal slowly. And that’s how I help my clients heal and thrive.

My work with souls who are ready to heal through transition: I understand that everyone's healing journey is different as my sister's healing came in transitioning from this life to the next.  Since we all will experience death at some point, I provide a safe place 

for people to talk about death and their last wishes.  I work with families who are also dealing with the loss of loved ones, including their furbabies. 

My work with souls who have transitioned: There are times when souls get a bit confused or lost after death especially when they have some unfinished business or experience a sudden death. Some spirits even attach to others so they can continue to stay here. I help them find peace after their transition. 

 I work with people who are:
-ready to move forward in life
-ready to do the work
-ready for a deeper spiritual meaning in life
-open to the idea that healing can come in a different form

I do NOT work with people who:
-want a quick fix
-not willing to do the work
-are closed-minded as it relates to mind-body-spirit healing.

                                                                                                                                              Menu of Services

                                                                                                                       Life Coaching                           Usui Reiki Session & Classes
                                                                                                                       Shamanic Session                   End-of-Life Doula
                                                                                                                      Archangelic Light                    Mindfulness Sessions

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Shamanic Practitioner, Archangelic Light Practitioner/Teacher, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT), Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Trainer, End-of-Life Doula & Registered Nurse

 Marcelletta Miles - RN, RMT

187 Wind Chime Court | Suite 202 & 203 | Raleigh, NC | 27615
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