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Design, and Inner Child Healing. Womb Healing involves releasing blockages of the past that prevents our feminine essence to fully radiate. Shadow Work is the process of facing our own fears and repressed emotions, including the aspects of ourselves that we have kept hidden from the world to people please, and acknowledging these pieces of ourselves so that we free ourselves from the dungeon they are locked away in and can truly learn to love ourselves unconditionally. Human Design is a system that uses your birth information to map out your unique energetic makeup, helping you to learn to work with your energy instead of resist it, and recognize that you were never meant to fit into the box that you’ve been trying to fit in anyway! Inner Child healing brings us back to joy, delight, inspiration, and playfulness in our life, by learning to acknowledge, see, hear, and reconnect with the little one that lives inside us.​​

When she isn’t writing, teaching, or creating meditations, she can be found journeying across the country, usually in her tent, connecting with the grids of the Earth. She channels messages from spirit, crystals, and nature, bringing these potent activations back for your healing journey. She is also a Spiritual Journey Planner, available to help you create the perfect road map with spiritual excursions for your solo healing travels!

You can follow along with Candace’s journeys and spiritual chats on her podcast, Journey With Your Soul, as well as join her free community on Facebook, Raise Your Vibes, where she shares channeled messages, special offers, and positive inspiration. Her YouTube channel has some of her travel adventures, spiritual vortex energy encounters, and guided meditations. She can be found on Instagram and TikTok, too!

Shop for unique, reiki-charged high vibe crystals inside Candace’s Crystal Cave online shop! She only works with crystals that have been ethically sourced from the earth and she loves to help be the matchmaker for your perfect healing crystal! Her online shop can be found here, or you can explore more in depth the crystals and their meanings in her Crystal Cave Facebook Group where she has special pricing, offers, and discounts! Book a virtual shopping experience with Candace to pick out the perfect crystals for you!

Publications: International Best Selling Author on Amazon, Candace has been published in 3 different magazines, featured on numerous podcasts, and interviewed for an online women’s tv program. Besides being a co-author of the best-selling book, Unchain Your Inner Warrior, she has published two of her own books, Awakening Through the Past: A Self-Discovery Guide for Exploring Past Lives and The Descent to Find the Light: Healing Through the Shadow Work Journey.

Candace Patrick 

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki II Practitioner, Archangelic Light Practitioner, Past Life Reader, Human Design Specialist, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Online Education Trainer for Womb Healing, Inner Child Reconnection, Working with Crystals, Masculine and Feminine Energetics, Shadow Work Journeys, and more...​

Candace is the Founder/Owner of Journey With Your Soul, where she helps women to Radiate From Within by tuning into their energy, face their shadows, reconnect with their inner child, and reclaim their inner power! Her passion is teaching others how to help themselves on their journey and bringing them back to a frequency of love, so that one by one, we can send ripples of love out and heal the planet.

A corporate escapee, she started her company in 2018 when she saw the need for more energetic awareness in the world to benefit our health. On her own journey through life, she’s battled extreme low-self worth, anxiety, codependency, binge eating, financial struggles, physical illnesses, childhood wounding, toxic relationships, and traumas—and has been facing her shadows over the last ten years to HEAL these wounds instead of repress them. She brings this magic and experience into her practice to help you truly heal from the inside out, too.

Over the last few years, she has dove deep into Womb Healing, Shadow Work, Human  

Menu of Services


Candace works with clients around Florida and worldwide offering remote or distance sessions along with leading her expert workshops and trainings.

Menu of Services Human Design Reading
60 mins (including typed report) @ $95

Past Life Reading
60 mins (includes typed report & call) @ $111

Soul Sessions

60 mins @ $250

Distance Reiki Session

60 mins @ $85

Intuitive Card Reading

15 mins @ $30

Dream Interpretation

30 min @ $50

Love Yourself Whole Again Sisterhood

(Private group on FB)
Monthly @ $55
(includes 2 hr group coaching/month, self-love practices, energy updates, journaling prompts, & more!)

Workshops Offered
Face Your Darkness, Heal Your Soul —Shadow Work: The Masterclass Reclaim Your Power: Chakra Expansion Masterclass

The Crystals are Calling Workshop

Reconnecting with your Inner Child Workshop

Womb Healing: The Power Within Workshop

Radiate From Within 6-Week Women’s Evolution

Contact Candace: Home base is currently in Florida, after the last ten years living in Raleigh, but she is available for virtual sessions, group coaching, and online workshops. Follow her on her Website, on Facebook and Instagram, or meet Candace in-person in Florida.

You may also send her an email at: Candace@journeywithyoursoul.org