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committing my mind to God's intended purpose for me. Communicating with Spirit is very natural for me!  It puts me in a position to help loved ones, and complete strangers! It has guided me down a path that I never could’ve imagined, even if I tried. Enough about me and my journey! Book your appointment today!!! I would love to help you with any unanswered questions you may have about your life or help you communicate with a loved one that is no longer here with us physically. Feel free to email me with questions or concerns!!  Spreading tons of LOVE, LIGHT & Positive Vibes!!!!! 

Janee Paige 

Janee is the Owner/Founder of RJHS, llc, and helps support her clients by communicating with your Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides to help deliver the messages they have waiting for you.

As a child, I never had “imaginary friends” and really never thought I had much of an imagination at all. Mainly because I didn’t need to imagine what was already right in front of me and VERY REAL!  I would communicate with deceased family members whom I have never met and there was no way I could’ve known about. My late mother Robin ALWAYS pushed me and encouraged me to continue to talk to these family members whenever I wanted and to never let anyone convince me that it wasn’t okay. She would often say “Embrace the gifts that God has placed upon you. For these gifts were given to you for you, not for others to understand!” Overtime I noticed my mother wasn’t able to communicate with the spirits. Naturally I became fearful, and bookmarked that passage of my life away for decades. I could still see them, feel them and hear them so I would just ignore it.  Sadly, after the loss of several close family members, and a close friend my "gift" as my mother called it opened right back up. It was as though my overwhelming amount of grief reignited my additional sense. Reopening my heart and 

Contact Janee: If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work Janee provides to clients, check out her website - Goddess of RJHS. Feel free to send her an email with any questions to: goddessofrjhs@rjhsinc.com or contact her directly on her website.

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