Energetic Meditation Workshop

Do you feel easily drained when you get home from work, running errands or in the company of friends and family? Are you looking for a way to recharge and de-stress in the new year? Perhaps you are an empath or sensitive person who is looking for a way to feel rebalanced again? If so, then you need to attend Sarah GranahanDebbie Jordan's Energetic Meditation Class. Learn how to practice this technique and experience how good you can feel. We will provide a handout from the course. 

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Messages of Healing at Body, Mind & Spirit Expo

Debbie Jordan Sarah Granahan of Spirit's Quest will be at booth #718 & #717 providing Energetic Intuitive Readings, Chakra Balancing, Fairy Hair, Gallery Readings and Henna for your mind, body & soul! Debbie & Sarah will be available for mini sessions, we will have fairy hair by Eliza and henna by Ken. Shop the latest Shanti Kai Transformational Hawaiian Essence Sprays, gemstones, rock lamps by Golden Earth Girl, oracle cards, coloring books and so much more! Sarah will be available to sign copies of her inspirational comic, Chakrula and her novel, Koko's Gift. We will be running lectures on - Sat., from 12pm-1pm and Sun., from 2pm-3pm in Room #3. Join us as we connect with your Angels, Guides, Higher-Self and Loved Ones to deliver messages waiting to be revealed to you along with energy work to help you realign and restore. Hope to see you there! To learn more about this event here


The Sagewood Center | 6801 Pleasant Pines Drive, Suite 101 | Raleigh, NC 27613

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                M-F: 10:30AM - 2:00PM & 6PM - 8:30PM | Sat & Sun: 10AM - 3PM
                             Phone:  847-361-5744 | Email: sarah@colormyspirit.com 

Saturday, Sept. 7th


Classes & Events

Tuesday, Sept. 10th


The Sagewood Center

6801 Pleasant Pines Dr., Suite 101

Raleigh, NC 27613



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The Sagewood Center


6801 Pleasant Pines Dr., Suite 101

Raleigh, NC 27613

2019 Workshops, Events & Appearances

Sat., Aug. 24th-Sun., Aug. 25th 

Saturday -10:00am-7:00pm

Sunday - 10:00am-6:00pm

Messages & Healing from Heaven with Spirit's Quest

Receive Divine messages and energy healing conveyed by your Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors / Loved Ones and your own Energetic Fields with Debbie Jordan and Sarah Granahan of Spirit’s Quest. Receive valuable information giving us insights into the messages waiting to be revealed to you. By being present in this group experience, subtle shifts and awakenings will bring peace, clarity and relaxation to you on many levels supporting your mind, body & spirit. We are looking forward to spending the evening supporting you!

Space is limited - please RSVP at Spirit's Quest to save your spot. 

Explore Your Intuition

​Ever wondering how you interpret energy and your surroundings? Maybe you already have some awareness of how you do this but would like some more information and time to practice? This class will run for 4 weeks and meet for an hour,  once a week as we explore each person's gifts. Learn how to read and interpret energy - plus, plenty of time to practice! For more information on this class, please fill out the contact form below or send an email to: sarah@colormyspirit.com.  

The Sagewood Center


6801 Pleasant Pines Dr., Suite 101

Raleigh, NC 27613

Body, Mind Spirit Expo

NC State Fairgrounds / Kerr Scott Building

1025 Blue Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC 27607

Thursday, Sept. 26th 


The Sagewood Center

6801 Pleasant Pines Dr., Suite 101

Raleigh, NC 27613

Color My Spirit​

Psychic Share

Awaken your intuitive and psychic abilities in a fun and safe environment with Sarah Granahan & Debbie Jordan at The Sagewood Center. Come out to meet like-minded folks in a group setting while we help engage you with different techniques, topics and chances to practice! Learn, play and experience - open to all levels, even to those who are interested in learning more about developing their intuitive gifts. Group meets the 2nd Monday of each month. To sign up, click Spirit's Quest.