Andrew Harris  

Galactic Star Universal Love Sacred World Healer, Universal Love Magnetic Healer & Universal Love Teacher of Caeayaron

Andrew has always questioned the deeper mysteries of life and felt a strong desire to look after the well-being of Earth. But he wasn’t sure how this could be achieved, as it seemed near impossible when looking at the structures of human society. 

Andrew comes from a military background where he worked as an aircraft mechanic in support of search-and-rescue operations.  He was spiritually activated (pineal and heart) in Driffield, England in 2019 by Caeayaron through Caeayaron’s designated Sovereign Universal Love ChannelSuzanna Maria Emmanuel. He’s now an IT networking professional and holds regular 7 Fundamentals of Light Concepts classes.

Andrew has received his Universal Love Healer and Teacher Attunements so he has had the great privilege of introducing students to the teachings of the Divine Master, Caeayaron, through the 7 Fundamentals of Light Concepts workshop. 

He’s also able to support people with energetic healing by tapping into the Universal Love Healing Field when they come for healing sessions.

Andrew continues to return to England to attend the Sovereign Universal Love Alignment

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Events with Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel for further learning and training.

To Learn More about Caeayaron, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, and the Sovereign Universal Love Alignments, you can check out her website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Youtube.

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