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To cater to her clients worldwide, Jeannie offers remote or distance sessions on Zoom. If an in-person session is needed, Jeannie can arrange that with you. She offers the following sessions and services:

Individual readings of any type (Astrology or Human Design):
30 min. - $60
60 min. - $120
1.5 hrs. - $180

Family readings of any type (Astrology or Human Design):
30 min. – $75
60 min. - $150
1.5 hrs. - $225

Contact Jeannie: To book a session with Jeannie, contact her at: 919-995-2701 or visit her website, Divinely Inspired Messages.

told to remember those experiences many years ago.  Stranger things continued to happen over the years. I would see people who would suddenly disappear. I would know exactly where to go at exactly the right time to prevent something bad from happening. I realized it was a gift, but I had such concern for how society would accept me, so I tried to keep it to myself.

Religion, or Not...

I was born and raised in the Catholic church, completed all the sacraments, became a CCD teacher, tried bible study, and even became an active Eucharistic Minister. No matter how involved I was, it still didn't feel like it was where I was meant to be. After I had my three children, I felt like I needed to reconnect with my faith. I found a non-denominational Christian church which really felt right at the time. From there, my children joined youth ministries and I taught a different grade every year for 10 years.  I finally felt like this was where I was meant to be! I later realized I felt this way because it was the only way I knew how to "stay in my lane."  

I was drawn toward the "gifts of the spirit" (a.k.a. hearing God's words directly) and although the church taught about it, they did not encourage anyone to
use them. I was even told by an associate Pastor that there was no way I heard God. It made me feel like I wasn't good enough. I knew what I heard and
it wasn't my imagination. The same Pastor actually taught his next sermon on how some people think God is talking to them directly, but that it doesn't work
that way.

I found another church that not only believed in the gifts of the spirit, but actually worked in them. I was accepted into the Prophetic Community
immediately and asked to be a part of a Prophetic Team. I did this for about 4-5 years and took all the mentoring classes available so I could learn as much as possible about my gift. I got to the point where I was intuitively downloading so much that I was asked by the leaders to back off and not say as much.  
"You can't possibly get that much information" they thought I was embellishing what I saw or heard. Here I was again, feeling like I was only allowed to grow in limitations. I started to research different avenues and came across a Meetup group for people with all sorts of unique gifts. From there, I felt free.

Now What
I finally caught on to what God was trying to tell me over the years. We can call him God, Source, Universe, Higher Power, whatever we want. It is all the
same, the name doesn't change anything. He communicates with all of us, and many people have left us tools they’ve discovered to make communication easier.

Jeannie Winters  

Astrologer, Medium, Human Design Guide, Wellness Coach & Mentor  

Jeannie Winters is the Founder/Owner of Divinely Inspired Messages where she has supported clients for many years with Mediumship, Astrology and Human Design Charting. Jeannie uses Astrology & Human Design along with her intuition to help people find their way in life, answer nagging questions, prepare for upcoming obstacles, and help them with how to get back on track to move forward with more peace and ease in their lives. 

How It Began

Born and raised in Queens, NY, family is a large part of who I am. Growing up with my mother and older sister, I always knew I was spiritually sensitive. Over 40 years ago on my 11th birthday, I had the feeling I was going to get hit by a car. I told my mother about my intuition, and she said, "well, be careful crossing the street." Shortly thereafter, I was hit by an oncoming car. From that point on, I dedicated my life to working on my spiritual intuition and connection to the spirit world.

Stranger Things

Growing up I remember hearing something say "remember this" at random moments. I thought everyone could hear these voices, not realizing I was spiritually gifted. After becoming an adult and having kids of my own, God reminded me of those times that I was 

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