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How Do Essential Oils Work?

​Essential oils are the life force of the plant and are comprised of molecules that absorb quickly into the bloodstream. They work with your body, not against it, to help detoxify your cells to get you feeling more whole again. They are also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. A few ways you can use essential oils is:

  • Skin application 

  • Ingestion with food or drink

  • Inhalation by diffusing into the air

How To Purchase Young Living Products

Young Living essential oils and products aren't available at your local supermarket. They must be purchased online via their website or through a wholesaler like Color My Spirit, ID# - 2390121.  You can purchase your products as a retail customer or wholesaler. If you want to try a few products out then choose the retail customer option. If you plan to build your first aid kit to wellness, then the wholesaler option would be best for you. Just make sure you enter Color My Spirit as your Sponsor & Enroller with ID# - 2390121 so they know who sent you. And check out our blogsite for posts on great Young Living products and how to use them. Click Young Living to explore their products...

Energetic Vibrational Spray 

Price: $20.00 (+ shipping) 

Want to increase the OM in your HOME.... and reset the energy? Energetic Sprays to rebalance, protect and restore your energy or the energy in your space/room. Great for use while traveling or at work too. Check out Color My Spirit Wellness' selection of energy clearing sprays by Shaman Dawn. And keep yourself balanced, connected and protected all day long!! <3 

Choose from these 4oz energetic sprays: Spirit, Palo Santo, Florida Water, Protection, Prosperity, Empowerment, Love, Sage, Calming or Healing. Plan a time to shop our Raleigh, NC store or purchase online order here:  


Gem Orbs - handmade bath bombs 

​Handmade bath bombs with a little surprise inside... Relax at the end of your day or gift a special someone an exhilarating bath experience for their body, mind and spirit! Choose from our 7 bath bombs made from 100% natural essential oils all containing a gemstone surprise inside. Support one or all your major chakras with the - Root Orb, Sacral Orb, Solar Plexus Orb, Heart Orb, Throat Orb, Third Eye Orb or Crown Orb. Escape to the beach with our Mermaid Orb and see what seashell she may gift you. Needing a little love in your life? Grab a Love Orb with supportive oils and gems inside. 
Dimensions: 3" diameter | Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, cornstarch, coconut oil, water, essential oils & seashells or gemstones |9 Gem Orbs available |Caution: Contains small objects inside

Affirmation Leggings - I AM LOVED

Affirmation Leggings are designed by Sarah Granahan of Chakratic. Rock these full length leggings as a reminder to focus on and empower your heart center or 4th chakra and see how good you can feel while looking super cool.

Material: Hand-sewn in Canada, leggings are ultra-stretch ecopolyester spandex blend (88% polyester, 12% spandex. High spandex composition means compression fit won't lose shape. They also hug in all the right places and suit all body types. Medium weight fabric is sturdy, yet breathable, stretches to fit your body, hugs in all the right places and bounces back after washing. You can wear your leggings over and over and they won't lose their shape. Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry. Vibrant print won't fade after washing. Model is 5'10" and wearing a size S.

Click here to shop and BUY NOW

Healy - Frequencies for Life

Experience self-care on-demand for yourself, love ones, your pets, children and more... A wearable device for Health - Wellbeing & Balance,  Healy is a small but versatile device controlled by your Apple or Android smartphone. It's cutting-edge Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs harmonize your bioenergetic field for a more balanced mind, body and spirit. Healy editions contain programming to support: Bioenergetic Harmony, Mental Balance, Meridians, Sleep, Skin, Learning, Fitness, your Job, Beauty, Chakras, Protection and so much more. Read through a pdf report about areas in your chakras that could use some love and support. Connect to the device to run frequencies to balance and restore whether at home or done from a distance. Want to learn more or experience your own session with this amazing device? Contact Color My Spirit Wellness to schedule. 

Ready to purchase the mighty machine that gives you self-care on-demand for yourself and your loved ones? Then click the link below to receive available discounts and own yours today!:


​Food Intolerance Test

Ever wonder how well your body is processing certain foods? 
Did you know that food intolerances can start WELL before you notice that your body doesn’t prefer a certain food, spice or beverage? Inflammation doesn’t wait around for you to feel dis-ease or sickness in the could be lurking right now! Did you know you can have intolerances to metals too? 
The body changes on a cellular basis every few years, but intolerances can develop and change in some people in as little as 6 months of time. 
Don't wait until you are feeling physically to learn about the sensitivities you may have to food, beverages & the environment.. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of healthy living and receive a unique printout of your food and non-food intolerances. Information invaluable for your mind, body & soul



Koko's Gift 

Price: $17.99 (print) or $2.99 (download)

Sarah Granahan's first novel, this story is not only about her passion for Native American history; it is also about her own self-healing that she began many years ago. It reflects her journey as a woman and a mother of two girls. When a young girl named Koko watches her entire tribe massacred before her eyes, she can only imagine how her life will end. But to her surprise it doesn't - it actually begins. This is her story...

Purchase your hardcopy by Color My Spirit below or on

Koko's Gift

Price: $17.99 (print) 


Chakrula - Series 8: Bringing Riley Back

Price: $15.00 (print)

Chakrula is a "super-healer" who is transcending humanity with healing power. She has the ability to run energy and rebalance the chakras, so she can stop people from doing harm to themselves and others - helping people reconsider their immoral and hurtful actions. Together, they are helping to change the world, one person at a time...

Purchase your hardcopy by Color My Spirit:

Young Living Essential Oils

Some of the safest essential oils on the market - tested to be safe for dermal application, inhalation and digestion - Young Living has quite an array of products available for mind and body balance.  Not only do they offer essential oils and blends, they have products for cleaning, pet care, bathing, weight management, cooking and beauty. 

What Are Essential Oils?

They are aromatic liquids distilled from plants. Thousands of years ago, essential oils were our first form of medicine. Today, plants are used in pharmaceuticals, beauty products and cleaning agents that we use on a daily basis. Many cultures around the world use various plants for their healing benefits to help with colds & flu, digestive issues, pain, during pregnancy and other ailments. 

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Essential Oils 

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